Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One more thing...

We got an audience with the 6 doctors and orphanage director to show pictures of Brianna's OHS and then we incomspicuously put a bunch of pic's of her with friends w/ Ds (hope Kris and Jen don't mind me sharing Ethan and David! And Christina her little Kallie, and Kathy's little Kara!) We told about the community of people we're connected with. Also, a pic from out Buddy walk and explained about our local DSA as well as the larger one in Orlando and how kids w/ Ds really are accepted here...

Anyway, it was a fun thing to do and they asked lots of questions about the surgery, the feeding tube and machine, and our community and involvement with Ds.



  1. Sounds like they are very interested in learning about your background in having a child that has had open heart surgery. It was great that you had all the pictures to show them, especially with all your support of friends and family here. The lawyer should be able to see you are very prepared and able to take little Daria.

    We will be praying for you all!!!

    Mom and Dad Cornish

  2. Dang it Meridith, I am so angry, this is just not fair.

    PLEASE may he sign the papers. Off to pray

  3. I do not believe they will obstruct your adoption. The fact that they had Daniil registered at such a young age indicates a very positive approach to kids with Downs. And they really are the orphanage that was/is the most open to helping kids with Down finding families. They have also mainstreamed some of the Down kids - almost unheard of elsewhere.

    Local manners can sometimes seem abrubt and aloof when really they mask concern. Western style pleasantries are not common. By the way the woman you refered sounds like Anatoly's wife - she is very involved with the orphanage.

    I will followup offline.

    Take care and enjoy getting to know your kids.

  4. Of course we do not mind!!! Use as many pictures of us as you like!!! We are forever friends who love you and can't wait for you to bring those babies HOME!!! Lots of love, hugs & Prayers.

  5. You guys are amazing even through all the trials and tribulations! Hold your head up God will prevail. In the meantime I am going to hunt your email down and send you a PDF file of the Russian/English posters of children adopted from Ukraine with DS among other info and maybe the lawyer will be swayed!!


  6. i just love your famaily
    im praying he will just sign the stupied paper, thay really do give these people to much power and yea hes to young and its ovious it has gone to his head

    praying for u all!
    the whole 6 of you!

  7. Hi, Mike and Merdith,

    Good news from the board of directors voted last night to approve a $1,000 donation to your family for each adoption (total of $2,000), so tell me how you want that handled--through reece's rainbow site or directly to you guys in titusville or via mom and dad cornish?

  8. Made contact with Bob and will get the first crib ASAP. Sandy has crib number two. Will arrange that soon. Pulled all those saved clothes out and 12 month size and some 9s are in his dresser. Hit Kmart with my credit card and there are matching outfits for the girls waiting.
    Marker has second surgery tomorrow. He's 14lb. Not purring. not eating.
    Know you will get bananas or rice cereal for Emma and feed her up. Hope you get the right answers from Dr and friends I have no answers for you.
    Think your PUNK wants to be greased. You might ask Natalia if that is expected. Yuck on him. I'll pray for you as I always do and the kiddos are always included. Miss being able to call you when I have a thought to share. Today begins Lent. Ash Wednesday. Enjoy your playtime with the kids, we'll hold the fort. Love ya Mom

  9. Had another thought. Would it be better to stage your return flight like Pete and Anna did? take a part of the flight and spend two days sonewhere and then go the rest of the way? Know you are thinking of just getting home ASAP with the kids but it was a thought. Love, Mom

  10. OH man that guy makes me mad and I haven't even met him! You would think it would benefit them to adopt out kids, then they wouldn't have to care for them! I am praying for you to get answers about her heart and I am so glad you could share some pictures! Can wait to meet your little sweeties in person!

  11. Man this is such a hard experience!!! It just should not be this hard. I will pray for you!

    Shea01 from downsyn

  12. This orphanage is VERY, VERY good with the kids with Down and other special needs kids. They treat the kids very, very well compared to the other orphanages (and have gone out on a limb to help these kids). And this orphanage and its lawyer are very proactive about getting the kids registered for adoption. They are the ones who mainstreamed Daniil and went out on a limb to keep him and get him transferred to an orphanage and not an institution.
    It is a foreign culture and what you may read as arrogance may simply be concern.
    Please be aware that the orphanage director's son speaks English (he lived in the UK) and you can never be sure who reads blogs. Adoption in Ukraine is a very emotional process.
    You may want to compliment the lawyer and tell him that you have heard what a wonderful job he has done and how he cares about the kids... catch more flies with honey...

  13. Meredith, we are definitely praying for this lawyer. God will move him as fast or slow as needed. God may be giving you time to get enough medical information so you can bring Emma Hope home safely. Hang in there.

    The Harms