Friday, February 08, 2008

oh yeah...

and we have the signed papers!! Our facilitator is at the inspector's office now and will have the signature from them either today or TOMORROW. Yes, they work on the weekend :)

So our papers will all be in Kiev on Monday!! YAY! God did it again!


  1. YES! Thank God!!!

  2. I am so excited about the signed papers!!!! You did it. They can see the love you have for the children and the support you have at home with family and friends. When is the court date?

    Always remember we are there for you.

    We are working on getting your doctors opinion. Will let you know.


    Mom & Dad Cornish

  3. Oh, I am beside myself with excitement for you! This is wonderful news!!!! Many prayers still coming your way.

  4. Awesome!! And I'm SO pleased that Daria is ok to fly. I actually asked our pediatrician yesterday about the mitral valve issue and if he thought it would be a problem. Glad you got answers!!

  5. YEA!!!! You're full of good news today :)

  6. Oh Meredith, great to see all the updates, to see how God brought you at just the right time for your son, to hear that you have adopting friends there, too, to hear that Emma CAN fly, to hear about signed papers. God is great!!! Sorry about the lack of water--that IS ew! Love and prayers, Joy

  7. Yes, yes and Yes again!! Praise the powers that be, those babies will be yours soon.
    So excited for you, Amy O.

  8. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!! I am getting chills reading your news! I knew God would direct you on the path to your children.. what a ride .. what a wonderful feeling to feel the true direction from the Lord, guiding you through each turn!
    Praying for a fast court day.. any news on that?

    The Suffern's