Friday, February 08, 2008

02-07-2008 9:30am Kramatorsk

Surprise! No water. The day we left Kiev we lost power at the B&B we were staying at for the entire afternoon before leaving so we couldn’t make any last calls to the US (phone is Vonage so free calls, but runs on power), couldn’t check e-mails or post on our blog, etc. But I think today is worse because there’s no water. Period. Not just the hot water, but water at all. No showers. No flushing toilet. No water to purify and boil to have breakfast. Nothing to splash your face with or brush your teeth with. Nothing.

Luckily we had some water in the purifier from yesterday that did enough for oatmeal (after being boiled) and hot cocoa. And we have a little drinking water still for brushing our teeth. Wet wipes for the “important” shower areas and face and hands. Tada! Ew.

We’re on our way to the orphanage in a few. We’ll pick up 2 jars of baby food on the way and see if we’ll be allowed to feed either or both of the kids. I am hoping and praying that at least Daria will be allowed to try it, but I really have no idea what their reaction may be to our request. Doesn’t hurt to try I suppose!

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  1. OMG, you must feel like you are on survivor!! Oh, I hope they let you feed those kiddos!