Friday, February 08, 2008

02/05/2008 6:45pm Kramatorsk

Out of order, but this is when I can post :)

Today we changed over from the hotel to an apartment then visited with Daniil in the morning. He is very sweet and snuggly and still a little under the weather.

After lunch we went to the office of the notary to do some paperwork. Have I already written Cornish in cryllic? It looks funny J. KOPHIW. The KO is pretty much the same, then the P makes the R sound, the H is like an N, and W is something like an SH. You should see how they write Hope. It’s weird. Something with an XO then I don’t remember the next letter and a Y. And apparently they don’t have the name Micah around these parts often. Even the notary’s translator couldn’t figure out how to say what was written. Oh well.

In the afternoon we went to see Daria and she was SO FUN! She came alive for us in the ball pit and liked to smile, laugh, and play. She’s gonna be a Daddy’s girl!!

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