Monday, June 14, 2010

They did WHAT?

Most of Emma's newest tricks aren't ones we allow (hitting, spitting, etc.) BUT she is doing one thing which I think is pretty darn great :). Emma can now WALK PRETTY WELL holding on to just one hand! She still wants to 'spin and sit' when we do this, but... with Mommy (who I'm thinking must be more firm that anyone else...) she CAN DO IT! :)

Kristopher just finished reading a book. For the first time. And HE READ EVERY WORD. He's really just taken off with reading and we're very proud of him! He likes to read stories to the other kids now, and can go and read his magazine (Highlights' High Five is a great little magazine!) and the directions on games... it's a whole new world!

Brianna has a nice STRONG stubborn streak, but she is really accepting discipline and is coming around to doing things the first time she's asked to. She is also initiating all kinds of games with the other kids, like singing "ring around the rosy" and such with them. Brianna is able to pull up and down her own pullups without any help, and can put on a skirt by herself, or remove shorts or a skirt. Those are all biggies in my book!

James is now... walking! Not everywhere, not all the time, but about three or four times each hour he's standing up and walking across a room! He's able to stop, adjust, and keep going, and has even occasionally bent down or changed directions mid-stride :). He's also taking 100% of his calories by MOUTH (he has a mic-key button too) and has been for 4 full weeks!

Micah is PLAYING! He's really interacting more with the Brianna-led games and is starting to play more with the toys that are available to him. We think he has some hearing issues going on right now because he's had fluid on his ears, so we're hopeful that language and listening might still be opening up to him as we conquer some more of the giants in his path to learning. We also fear the H. Pylor isn't completely gone :( But, playing is good regardless!!

Lynae, oh my. She is standing, clapping, waving bye bye, saying mama (at the top of her lungs for some time now), Dada, bye bye. She's cruising and laughing eating cheerios and babyfood and generally going way too fast for this momma who had so much time to enjoy each stage of the last 4 kids' development :)


  1. wow!! they are all doing so great! thanks for the update!!

  2. wonderful. So happy to hear they are all doing so well. I just think back to the first time I read your blog, you had just got home from getting E and M. Such precious little ones...E was in such bad shape.Oh how times have changed :) God and a loving family work wonders don't they

  3. Terrific news on each of their milestones! Wow. Super cool. I'm very curious to know more about James. Our son has a gtube also but is taking most food orally, just his thin liquids need to be mastered.

  4. OK, you can't say she's walking and not provide pictures!