Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My new perch

Now that ESY is finished and we're all just "home for the summer" for the next 6 or 7 weeks or so it is time to push potty training into higher gear.

I've been getting ready... Right now we have 2 small potties and a seat that fits onto the big toilet all in the guest room. We also have a seat in the kids' bathroom because we still use that toilet during bath time and running to get the little seat when faced with a wet child needing to go and potentially soiling the bath water and multiple other children.... well, it was worth the $8 :)

This morning I put Emma on the big toilet and Brianna and James on the little ones and...

Brianna peed and pooped, and EMMA peed and pooped!

Now I need to find one more 'generic' potty so all 4 can spend some quality time in the bathroom. Everything I keep finding is shaped like an animal or sings songs or... And I really don't need a competition over who gets which toilet! :) Don't they make any kids' potty seats that are just a seat and a little 'dump' bucket with a lid that closes (so the kids don't play in it when one gets up and the kid next to them is still sitting)?

And my own new perch is NOT in the bathroom, but rather at the end of the couch where I can see (and hear) into the restroom and still see the rest of the kids out and playing. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time there...


  1. Good Luck with your potty training!!!!
    Mom C

  2. yes they do try babies r us for the baby bjourn potty seats. They are just a seat, nothing fancy, but there are two types a lower one and one with a higher back and an insert that you can take out to dump. :)

    They come in a variety of colors, white, pink, blue, red, and even a festive lime green. :)

    Typical price runs from $14.99 to $29.99 for the high back one BUT I have found them in various locations even online for $9.95! Allbee baby online has a great selection.

    I love ours and we even take it in the car with us on trips for those shy and not so happy to go kiddos in public bathrooms....

    Hope this helps.....


  3. Yes! We got a plain one from Walmart and another one from Target. The one from Walmart (at least I am pretty sure it was Walmart - it was only $10) is particularly versatile because it does triple-duty - as a step stool, a potty, and a potty seat (the seat comes out to put into a regular potty). I keep it in the back of the car for road trips.
    How is it that your ESY is finished already and ours hasn't even begun yet? Wow. Good luck with the potty training!

  4. excellent for your two girls (and your diaper bill!)

    We used the Baby Bjorn potty and loved it. Simple, easy to clean. Though, no lid. I hear there is a cheap simple one at IKEA if you have one of those nearby.


  5. Target has a potty for about $10 with a lid that has no "bells and whistles" :) . Good luck!

  6. I love the ones from IKEA you can even take it in the car with you! they are super cheap... $2.99. Kmart has one similar for around $5..

  7. Saw lots of potty purchase place suggestions....Gonna add one. We got ours at BJ's in MI, plain jane, pot, seat, base, we keep it in the back of our SUV. Never thought we'd use it as much as we do. Good Luck, sounds like things are going well in the potty dept!

  8. LOL! Good luck!! I thought we'd make strides with Erik this summer, but it's SO hard with me working and a teenage boy babysitting... Maybe when school starts and there's more structure...

    What we NEED is a potty that sings and lights up! Erik LOVES that kind of thing and I think that would be the ticket to motivating him.

    But time will tell. ;o)

    Have fun!

  9. Hi. Glad to hear that your kids are now potty training and that they're doing well. Usually, I also go for plain potty seats to get my kids fixed to the idea of potty training and not be disturbed with images and designs that sometimes go with the new potty seats now.:-)