Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Today Kristopher said:
Did you know that if you love someone, you should adopt?
Me: Adopt the person?
K: Adopt a child.
Me: So if you love a child you should adopt them?
K: No, if you love ANYONE you should adopt a child.
Me: So...
K: Like this, mom, if you love a person and then you say you love them then you should adopt a child.
Me: Just any person? You don't adopt the person you love?
K: Right, and if you love anything, like, a frog
Me: Then you adopt a frog?
K: NO! You adopt a CHILD, because you love a FROG.
Me: Why do you think you should adopt a child if you love a frog??
K: Because this heart toy says on one side "Got Love?" and on the other side it says "Adopt a Child"!

The CBC Of Brevard (the agency that is contracted by the state for foster care adoptions in our area) is doing a good job with their advertising, I guess. It's a stress-ball from our adoption 'goodie bag' on our last day of MAPP classes!


Yesterday morning Kristopher went to the church with Mike and Grandpa. They had a huge trebuchet (aka pumpkin launcher) that they needed to move-- it's been a long time since it was used on Halloween! So during that time, Mike said to Kristopher "Look, there's a dead rat." And sure enough there was. What Mike DIDN'T expect, was for his 6 yr old to walk right over to the rat and PICK IT UP and bring it over to Mike to inspect.

Yes, boys will be boys. (and YES he washed his hands MANY TIMES after that!)


  1. my boys keep finding dead mice(we live in a rural area) and they just pick them and carry them around and once even put it in a pink fuzzy purse. lol i think they freeze when it gets too cold at night

  2. haha, I read this to my family...we all laughed :)

  3. Too funny what Kristopher says about adoption. I like his way of thinking.