Monday, June 28, 2010

Diaper Heaven!

I've been exploring diaper options for Emma here lately since she's hit 40lbs and has all-but-outgrown the Overnights size 6 that she has been wearing.

I don't really have anything great to share about that, BUT... I got on and discovered some GREAT diaper deals!

Now, please understand that I have five, yes five children in diapers right now and only ONE of them might be coming out of the diapers any time in the near future (Brianna). So, savings on diapers is HUGE around here!!

I don't know how long this has been available, but you can "subscribe and save" on Amazon by choosing to have an item delivered at monthly, 2, 3, or 6 month intervals. You generally save 15% by choosing this option. Right now, however, there is a 30% savings! That is ON TOP of sale prices :)

Since there are some great sales right now, I chose to do 2 boxes (with the 30% off for the subscription) and the sale price. I subscribed to receive 2 boxes every 2 months as well. I can change the subscription at any time.

What kind of deals did I find? I'd be happy to share!

For Lynae, that breaks out from most everything except Huggies, I found Huggies Little Movers (nicer ones than I usually buy, I generally stick to Snug and Dry) and got 124 size 3 diapers for $17. (original price $40)

For Emma, I ordered Goodnights size S/M 27 diapers for $12.25. (original price $20)

For Brianna, I found regular Pull Ups, 44 for $7.75 (original price $20)

I didn't order anything for the boys because I am well stocked for them at the moment!

Grand total- $37 for a month supply of overnight diapers for Emma, and all of Brianna's and Lynae's diapers for a month! Savings? $43 :)
(each month- and I ordered 2 months worth, so saved $86 just in this order!)

Go take a look and see what you might find! Don't be afraid to look at "more expensive" diapers than you're used to ordering, because they may have a better sale, making them actually cost LESS!

PS- it's significantly less than even Sam's Club or BJ's prices that I've seen
PPS- I broke down and ordered Overnights for Emma- 3 cases of 48 for $35 total (regular $20 each, savings of $25) AND- Shipping is FREE for subscribed items, which meant a savings of $140 on all the diapers for all the kids. Total savings today on actual items: $110 plus $140 on shipping!)


  1. Thanks for the info Meredith!!! Scott's heading to Sams this week I think I'll take diapers off the list!!!

  2. AND you don't have to worry about actually getting to the store!

  3. What awesome prices! I'll have to go check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is great!!!