Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making a list

Getting ready for the National Ds conference in Orlando next month! I realize it's a bit early... but I've never had to pack for EIGHT before! The last few trips I've done last minute packing and left the house a mess and been up until all hours the night before... This time my attempt is to ALSO have a clean house (so we can come back here with friends!) and to get sleep the night before :)

We shall see...

What are your travel essentials?? What things do you love for hotel stays and day trips?


  1. I don't know how many (if any) of your kids are potty training, but we always take a potty chair for the car. I put a Walmart bag in it to line it, he does his business, then we just grab it by the handles and throw it sure your walmart bag is hole-free. :)Sure is nice to be able to avoid public gas station bathrooms, etc. Of course going #1 is easy for my little boy...the world is his toilet. I never thought I would be one of *those* moms. :)

  2. Oh, and another thing we do is pack in clothes baskets...they stack so nicely and keep every little loose end together! Clothes in one (or two or three in your case), toys in one, snacks in one, etc. Then we grab an overnight bag and get clothes out for the next day and take into the hotel.

  3. I agree with baskets! Laundry baskets are helpful. You can use them to tote stuff to the pool, you can use them to keep toys at bay in your hotel room, and you can use them for laundry!

  4. I try to stay at hotels with on site washers/dryers so I can pack for three days and then just wash every couple of days. I realize that costs money, but I bring lots of quarters and my own soap/dryer sheets and I have so much less to lug around. I pop a load in in the evening, go back to the room for 45 mins and play with the kids, then go put in the dryer, come back and get them to bed, then go get the stuff and go to bed myself!! Good exercise, too!! :)