Thursday, October 04, 2007

What led us to where we are today (part II)

During those first busy months as new parents we also decided to sell our 2 bedroom townhouse and purchased a small 4 bedroom house in a nice little subdivision. After a few major home renovations (including making it into a 3 bedroom house) I became pregnant with our second child. We were thrilled to find that the ultrasound showed that this baby was a girl at just 17 weeks! I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical to paint the room pin and buy little girl clothes because of all of the 'what ifs' that I had heard. So we waited to prepare the nursery but told Kristopher about the impending birth of his new sister. At about 30 weeks the doctors mentioned that I was measuring pretty small but nothing of concern since I was small with Kristopher too. But at 32 weeks they decided to go ahead and order an ultrasound just to be sure. We were calm knowing that we had a peace about our baby and were excited to just know whether this baby in fact was a 'she'! Our 33 week ultrasound checked out ok with just a little lower fluid. They scheduled another for 4 weeks later just to be sure. At the 37 week ultrasound the tech gave us the news that he would not be allowing us to go home until we were able to be seen by the OB. The fluid around the baby was very low and the baby had not had any significant growth since the 33 week ultrasound. As luck (is there REALLY a such thing as luck??) would have it our OB was upstairs in the maternity ward and asked us to come up and be checked out. At this point we were a little more prepared to panic since we were expecting the baby to be late (like Kristopher) and not at all thinking she might come early. The bedroom was still not painted, the bassinet lay in a box, and her baby clothes (although they'd been sorted a few times ;) ) were in a bin since there was no dresser. We weren't ready to bring a baby home!

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