Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A day with lots of tears. Prayers Needed!

About 2 hours ago our plans changed. We found out that Aleksa has been transferred from the "baby house" (orphanage) to a mental institution. These places are AWFUL and just writing this has once again started the tears running down my face. I cannot imagine at 4 years old being put into one of these places. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for Aleksa! Pray that she will be healthy, that she will have enough to eat, that she will be treated with care, and that she will be comforted by the Ultimate Comforter! Please pray that our process will be expedited even more! We know that we 'could' get there by February, but that is the quickest we see possible at the moment. Now we are praying that God will work things out to get us there even sooner. We need whomever has our paperwork at the USCIS to quickly approve us. We pray that our dossier will be able to be submitted immediately (sometimes it takes weeks to submit even after it's in country). We also pray that the SDA overseas will give us an UNUSUALLY quick appointment. God is still in the miracle business and we need one right now!

Please continue to pray for our family as well because there is no way that we will be making two trips and leaving Aleksa in the institution between times. Which means that I will be in country for approximately 8 weeks. This is very different from our original plans of one 2-3 week trip with Mike and I, a month at home, then a second trip of 4-6 days by myself. Please please please pray! We are very committed to getting Aleksa home, my heart is just heavy with grief at the things she must endure before we can get to her.


  1. Oh Meredith. I don't know what to say. Our family will certainly keep Aleksa and you all in our prayers.

  2. Meredit, I don't know what to say either. We will keep all of you in our prayers and ask that God's will be done. I know He will look after your precious angel until you are able to get there.
    Martha S.

  3. I am pryaing for speedy paperwork and appointments. May God protect her and care for her during this time :((

  4. Meredith,
    We will be praying for your family and for Aleksa.

  5. Meredith,
    I am praying for your family and for your beautiful little Aleksa so that she will be lovingly cared for until you get there to bring her home.

  6. I'm sorry...but you are coming to get her. He will make it happen, just believe. Is she in Ukraine? I bet we could find someone willing to visit her, and give her somelove until you can do it yourself!

  7. Meredith,
    I can't remember where you are at in your process. When John and I were fingerprinted, he asked to speak in person to the lady "in charge". They said she was real busy and couldn't but John insisted. He showed Ava's picture and told of her situation and potential fate, and 5 days later we had our approval letter. (They had told us it would take 4-6 weeks).Don't know whether you can walk in your USCIS office and do the same thing? From what I have heard, phone calls and emails do not work.


  8. Interesting, Charissa! We've got everything turned in, we just need the approval letter. Our fingerprinting was done over a month ago, but our homestudy just got there a week ago. I think I'll try calling just to find out the status and then if I need to we'll pile in the car. Our CIS office is only about 35 minutes from here. Thanks!!