Saturday, October 20, 2007


How many holidays can we pack back to back into a few months?
November- 22nd, Thanksgiving
December- 25th, Christmas (and Aleksa's birthday, but we don't know what day)
January- 3rd, Brianna's birthday 22nd, Meredith's birthday
February- 24th, Kristopher's birthday
March or April- Aleksa comes home

Most of these celebrations will include gifts for the kids (all but Thanksgiving). All of them are wonderful reasons to celebrate and there are things that the kids need or we'd like to get them that will fit in with these holidays and celebrations. But wow, those are all VERY close together! So today I sorted through what I've bought already (yes, I love to shop early!) and what things would be best for Christmas, birthdays, or are better to save for when Aleksa is home since we have one for each of the kids. Fun stuff ;) I love holidays, I really do... but it's also difficult to find that happy medium between being so excited about our kids' reaction to their gifts, and keeping the main focus on the celebration and the reason for it and NOT on just the gifts!

I'm sure this year will be one of the hardest yet.

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