Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What led us to where we are today (part 1)

Here's the Reader's Digest version of the Cornish family :) I'll post it over this month so that it's not just overwhelmingly long!

Michael and I (Meredith) met in junior high school and were acquaintances for quite some time before beginning to date in November of 1997 (10th grade!). This November we plan to take a weekend get-away to celebrate 10 years together! That's hard to believe! We are both committed, born-again Christians and our personal relationships with Christ are definitely a sustaining factor in our relationship. Soon after high school graduation Michael proposed (Aug 1, 2000) and we were married the following July 14th! Michael and I were both attending the University of Central Florida. He was getting a business degree in Human Resource Management and I was working on my degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology. I graduated with my BS in December of 2003, our son Kristopher was born in February of 2004, and Michael received his BA in May of 2004. During this time Michael worked in the Youth ministry at Park Avenue Baptist church and after our first year of marriage I worked in Children's ministry at Park Avenue.

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