Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trust and Obey

Seems like this should just be the theme song for life, but we all know that it's so hard to do sometimes. This week we've spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what we're going to do financially in order to pay for the remainder of the costs for the adoption. We took the first $1,500 out of our saving's account and the next $1,000 we were able to spend without touching savings just by scrimping on other day to day things. Now we're hoping to send our dossier off in the next couple of months which will cost about $550 including the translation fees. So where is that coming from? Well, I've now had donations worth about half of that by making monkeys :) There's still a ways to go on this specific expense, but God is providing just as we need it. We just have to Trust and Obey.

We were also blessed today by our local Down syndrome support group called F.E.D.S. of Brevard (Families Experiencing Down Syndrome, I'm not very involved with this group simply because they meet during a time I can't make it and it's a good 40 minutes away from here. But we are fundraising for them a little and will take part in the Buddy Walk next weekend. I had e-mailed the group just to say that we'll be participating in the Buddy Walk and to let them know that we're adding Aleksa to our family soon. When I heard back from them today I was told that they shared our adoption with the group at the meeting and that they would like to purchase one of our plane tickets when we go to get her!

Trust and Obey... There really IS no other way. Just be Happy in Jesus, and to Trust and Obey...

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  1. What a provision! I know God will meet your EVERY need!