Tuesday, March 20, 2012


At our neuro appointment today the neurologist suggested we try phenol nerve blocks on conjunction with botox.  This would be a sedated procedure at the hospital instead of botox injections in the office.

Anyone know much about this or experienced it with a child?  We haven't scheduled anything yet... I'm going to call when we decide whether to do just botox again or add the phenol this time...



  1. Our 3 yo son with quad spastic CP has had 2 phenol blocks done to his obdurator nerves (adductor muscles that caused his legs to scissor).

    He had great response to the block. He gained a lot of function and had decreased pain after the injections.

    mom to 6
    youngest with quad spastic CP.

  2. We would love to have more info also...... E-man is about to go for his first botox next month, should we be asking about a phenol block? He is right side affected cp due to stroke at birth.