Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"I sued my OB for millions because I would have rather aborted you."

I realize that sounds harsh, but that is the REALITY for one child in Oregon. Her parents sued their OB, and WON 2.9 million dollars because the OB didn't offer to abort their baby. They weren't told ahead of time that their baby may have Down syndrome, and the parents then filed a wrongful birth lawsuit.

How would you like to grow up knowing that your parents said in a court of law that if they'd have known you would be who you are... They would have never allowed you to be born? That if they'd have suspected that you wouldn't be their image of perfect, that they would have aborted you?

How about the older brothers, since the parents claim that their daughter is "too retarded to know what's going on"? Are the brothers going to just not take notice to the idea that their parents would rather have killed their sister than have her be born? Will they, too, grow up with the idea that she is of lesser value as a person? That's ctainly the message these parents are sending...

Every year in the United States over 90% of the parents that receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose to abort their baby. There isn't any statistical data to show what percentage of all the babies withDown syndrome (those diagnosed prenatally and those not) this represents, but it is a significant number.

What message does a wrongful birth lawsuit send to a generation of people striving for perfection, and feeling like taking the life of a child is better than going through another few months of pregnancy and either raising the baby or choosing another family to raise him or her?



  1. I heard about this, it's totally disgusting!! I feel so sad for the child that has to stay with these parents. I wish when the judge granted them the money it was on the condition that they give up their parental rights to that child!
    The example this sets is horrible!

  2. I totally get your outrage, but you're slightly off on the facts. Actually the parents sued because the test which would have confirmed Down syndrome was done improperly -- genetic material was taken from the mother, not the fetus.


  3. That is just repulsive. I'm so sorry they won.

  4. Teddy's birth parents did that too... I don't know if they actually sued, but they put in a complaint for the hospital AFTER he was born. But at least we have him now. Agree with Rhonda that's what the judge should have done.

  5. I am shocked. That poor, poor child.

  6. I live in Oregon and I am just as horrified. I cannot believe that a) a parent would dare do this in the first place and b) that they WON.

    Their little girl is FOUR. How could you stand in front of a courtroom, your friends, family, workplace, your child's teachers, people that love your child for who she is and sees her value, and say you would have aborted her?

    It made me so sick to my stomach when I heard about this. No, pre-natal testing should not be messed up. I get that. But testing was made so that parents and doctors could prepare for delivery and support afterwards, NOT so that parents could decide who is and who isn't 'worthy' or 'healthy' enough to be their child.

    I'm so angry that this little girl will grow up with parents who claim they love her, but also wish she wasn't born. She understands plenty. I don't think they've even investigated down syndrome enough to know what she is capable of and to get her the support she should have to help her live a healthy and happy life.

    I hope her brothers, at least, are able to push all of this aside and see the beauty in their sister. I hope they see her value and make her feel special and perfect and meant to be, unlike her parents have so publically done.