Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's SPRING! :)

This past week we had a great time with friends visiting!  They have kids around the same age as our kids, and a little one with Ds to boot :).  We spent a day at our Down syndrome picnic, went to the zoo, I took care of a few doctor's appointments for kids, we drove out to the beaches and to see the old shuttle pads, and they took in a few sights of their own!

This Friday Wesley, Emma, and Micah all went to the ophthalmologist and they each got new scripts.  Micah's script is going to be a little LESS than his previous, but Emma's and Wesley's have both increased.  We'll be headed to WalMart next week some time to order new frames for all the kids that need them.  Our warranties are up on the old frames, and Micah broke his second pair a week ago at school... So it's time!

We are now on Spring Break!  After a wonderful week with friends, now we have an additional week with just the family :).

I'm thinking another trip to the zoo might be in store, and of course that long trip to WalMart optical.  Today has started out with horse therapy, a quick trip through McDonald's for lunch, and a fun afternoon of RELAXING and PLAYING!

Believe it or not, our house has been SUPER quiet today.  Maybe it's a relative quiet... after having 18 people in the house and today there are 9 of us (Michael's working)?  :)

We had such a great time with our busy house and all the kids this past week, and my children's GOOD behavior on the tails of them leaving is a huge testament to how great our friends were with helping us stay in routine a bit and keep the rules going for our own kids even though our numbers almost doubled.

Looking forward to another great week... What kind of fun things do you do with family during your spring break from school??

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  1. We're on the tail end of our Spring Break, which was spent with doctors appointments, trips to the pharmacy, lots of soup and orange juice, and LOTS of time snuggled in watching tv. 4/5 of us were down with strep for our Spring Break...NOT fun. :)