Monday, March 12, 2012

Our bathroom sanity saver

So of course I shared already tonight about our hair cut experience and my thought was... Now an hour of quiet and being nonproductive!  Well, that almost worked.  For about 20 minutes I sat and had a mint chocolate chip and caffeine free coke float...  Then I remembered the project that I bought pieces for that was on the dining room table.

This is a half height shower curtain with two cups that hold it up (though it also pressure mounts but that makes it easier!).  Not a big project, but a huge help!

When showering Wesley, as I experienced just a couple hours ago, we get soaked.  Water comes together in a stream under his shower seat then hits the floor with a resoundong splash on the tile.  If we are planning to go out again that day its difficult to get Wes washed without first changing our clothes to something we can get wet in.

This rod and curtain will be able to stay up most of the time except when Kris is taking a shower.  My reason for the cups for the rod is so that Kris can rehang it on his own without us being concerned that if one of the kids touches it it may fall on them.

One more project DONE!  I will post our bedroom and closet transformations eventually... It's been a busy 3 days of house projects!

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  1. Can we say Nesting? :) You are rocking it with all the remodeling, organizing, etc. As a family grows (and mine is still *only* a family of 5), organizing sort of becomes a hobby that makes you giddy thinking of all the time you will save. Happy projects!