Friday, March 16, 2012

The agenda

The agenda yesterday:
7:30-3pm   Field Trip with Kristopher's class to the Orlando Science Center
3-4pm     Babysitter hung out so I could make peace in our laundry/closet room and get some other things together in the house
4-5:30pm   Speech therapy for 3 kids (thankfully at our home!), gas company in and out to remove a propane tank and re-hook the second one so we can start construction... hopefully SOON!, and babysitter stuck around because of the craziness of everything going on :) (thanks Katie!)
5:30-6:00   Dinner with Mike's parents (thanks for picking up the pizza!)
6:00-7:30   Hanging with grandma reading stories and grandpa and Mike moved Wesley's adaptive bunk bed to his new room with Micah and Kristopher (Wes was in the room that will be turned in to a bathroom... soon..!).
7:30-9:30   Our attempts at bedtime including moving Lynae (who didn't want to sleep alone after Wes was moved!) out to the girls' room on the porch in Micah's old bed and then trying to calm a GIGGLING room of little girls for an hour and a half after that!

The agenda today:
11am   Meet other moms at Target
5:30   Buy mattresses at Sam's Club

Thankful for a restful Friday!!! :) :)

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