Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Well, here we are!

Our day one of homeschooling has come and gone for Aleksa, Emma, and Wesley!  It actually went REALLY well.  I was amazed at how much Aleksa and Emma both participated.  Brianna and Lynae were both excited which is a VERY good thing, since I was a little concerned that they'd feel like there was something wrong with the other kids being home when they aren't usually.  I'm thinking that may rear its head in a few weeks when they realize it's permanent, but... it was inevitable :).  We worked on leveled readers and comprehension questions, word wall words and the kids' own names.  Most of it was aimed where Aleksa, Wes, and Emma are... so going to have to adapt or find another time to work on more things with Brianna (and Lynae...).  Regardless, it was a great day with other activities, Bible time, etc.  A good start.

When I was planning out lessons I planned on field trips with the other kids, doctor's appointments for the kids as well as OB appointments for me... what I totally overlooked was Lynae and Brianna going to the church the two mornings that they go! LOL!  So, I am going to rework some things so that Tues/Thurs I work more on things that are on level for the three kids that are home those days and Monday/Friday focus more on what the other two girls are doing, with Wednesday being a mix (since this week and next there are field trips/ appointments for kids or myself...).

Tomorrow is Micah and James' trip to the zoo for the Very Special Arts Festival!  They'll be doing art projects that are set up at stations all over the zoo!  This is our fourth year attending and it's always a lot of fun!  Thursday Michael and I will head over to the obstetrician and take a peek at baby #9.  Maybe... just maybe... we'll learn whether our next little person is a boy or a girl.  Any guesses? :)  50/50 chances... LOL

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  1. Sounds like you have things going well. How exactly are you working comprehension questions, I've been hs'ing my two for 20 months now, and they aren't speaking any full sentences. Oh now they can point to correct things, if that's what you are meaning. I'm just curious about other people and their hs'ing methods....always. Oh and I say boy.