Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Our school escort

Do you know what today was???  Here's a hint...

We parked about 1/3 (roughly) of a mile from school and all got out of the van.  A police car drove (on the sidewalk) right behind us the rest of the way to school, and a fire truck rode right next to us the entire way!  Wesley was the only one in a stroller, and James and Micah held the sides of it.  Kristopher held Lynae's hand and Aleksa and Brianna stayed close.  EMMA WALKED, holding my hand, the ENTIRE way!  We also had a paramedic walk with us, and he and Kristopher talked the entire way to the school.  About 1/2 way to the school Lynae needed to be carried.  She was falling behind, and she was tired of walking so quickly.  I carried her, had Emma hold on to the stroller, and we made it a little bit further that way.  Then, I caught Micah's shoe and the paramedic attempted to put it back on him... in the process knocking Micah down (accidentally) and scraping his shin a bit.  Oops. I put Lynae down and got Micah's shoe on.  The paramedic then asked if he could carry Lynae!  He did, until we got closer to the school.  Our PreK teacher came out and met us when we were in front of the school and Micah asked to walk with her.  Lynae walked the rest of the way from there (we had to pass the school and then walk back to it so we'd cross at the crosswalk).  Then, I walked them all right to their classrooms, got Wesley situated in his wheelchair at school, and Lynae took over the stroller for about 1/2 of the walk back to our van.  Brianna, however, RAN and JUMPED the entire way back to the van.  That girl has some ENERGY!!

So... what was today??  It was WALK TO SCHOOL DAY!  The school has an "event" each year and all the students gather to walk together to school.  Even the school buses unload and have the kids walk, and they have the police and fire escort.  Since we happen to have the smallest feet that were walking to school... we brought up the caboose and had the fire truck and police car right behind us the entire way, and the paramedic was likely told to be behind the last kid to keep everyone safe and together.

It was a lot of fun, and a BEAUTIFUL morning for it!  Can't say it's one we'll be repeating on a regular basis, but maybe with a bit more advance warning we may do something similar in the future just for fun.  Of course, we'd have to get there quite a bit earlier :).  We were "on time" this morning, but since the walk was all organized to start just before school, it was probably after 8:20 when we got to the school and it is supposed to start at 8.

We'd have to give ourselves a bit more time to go on a regular day though :)

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  1. Wow, still so blown away by how far Emma has come - so exciting!!! We walked to school this morning, too. Wait...we walk to school every morning...LOL :-)