Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Brianna is now SOLID on her letter recognition!  She knew her letters before school started, however I felt it would benefit her to continue working on making sure she wasn't having trouble with common mixups between letters, and could recognize letters in any way they were presented to her.

This first video is letter dice from a game similar to Boggle, but made by Cranium.  She enjoyed the idea that this was something different, and this video is of the very FIRST time she'd ever seen these dice :)

The second video (is LONG) is the first time she's done this set of workbook pages.  We've worked on others that are somewhat similar, but this is her working in her "got it" book where she completes a few pages as sort of a 'test' once I think that she's completed the skill.  Today we worked backward from the end toward the beginning, and we got about half way through before I felt she'd lost interest and we should come back to it.  The only issue she had was the difference between uppercase and lowercase Oo.  Can't say I blame her :)


  1. just catching up. Happy belated A, you deserves the best bday ever sweet girl.
    Sounds like Band WIlliam are on the same page with learning right now:) arent our children amazing?
    Can't wait to read more about Eli project:)

  2. Great job, Brianna! You're going to be a good reader; I can tell! You are so perceptive and have such a good attention span, and know that learning's fun - good for you!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE