Monday, October 03, 2011

Wow, it's been a week since I posted!

This has been a busy week, but most of all.... WE GOT OUR DRYER FIXED!!! Saturday we FINALLY got our dryer fixed, after about 3 weeks without it. YAY!!!!!!!! Man, it felt like 3 months! We also had a weekend filled with family. Friday I took the kids to the ball field to watch Michael play on the church league softball team. They played well, and the kids and I had a good time at the field :). Mike's parents came up for the second game, however the mosquitoes arrived not far after them, so we didn't make it through the second game. Saturday Michael waited for the dryer repair man (that was coming between 11 and 5... and showed up at 630...) while I took 4 of the kids to the Mullet Fest at my parents' church. Yes, it's about both the fish AND the hair... quite the event... Anyway, my parents, brother and sister in law as well as my aunt had a table with all sorts of crafts and such. Maybe I will post some here shortly if I can get some pic's of the ones they didn't sell. My brother made NEAT little wooden cars with trailers, and my sister in law is making crocheted bibs and hats and such. My aunt had an assortment of things, as did my mom, including stuffed animal horses and potholders. Lots of goodies :) Saturday evening we had my brother and sister and their spouses over along with a couple from church to play games! I love game nights :). Especially when they include ice cream!! We picked up a new game the other day that plays similar to Apples to Apples, but is pictures and you choose captions that go with them, then the 'judge' chooses the one they like the best. It was a fun night :). Sunday we went to church and I MAY be able to actually attend an entire service next week! It has been over 2 months since I've been able to sit through an entire church service because Wesley gets LOUD as soon as our pastor starts speaking. He's not upset... he's just LOUD! He just laughs, screams, does all sorts of things that are totally attention related and naughty, but in a 'normal' environment where I might set him 'aside' and ignore his behaviors for a few minutes and he'd stop... at church that isn't exactly an option! So, inevitably I end up leaving the service with Wes and either sitting in the foyer (if he's quieter there) or leaving all together. At least I've been able to go to the musical portion of worship most of the time (unless someone is sick and we stay home). Oh... and Michael sometimes will leave with Wes, but those tend to be the weeks that something else comes up too, and I end up leaving as well! So... this week I left and saw all the kids at the playground. I took Wes and we went out to the playground. The first thing that happened, is our regular babysitter (Lynae's class teacher) asked Wes "Hey, why don't you come to my class?" Hmm.... never considered putting him in a 2 yr old class. He understands more than a 2 yr old, but reality is... the 5 yr old class, and even the 3-4 yr old class, isn't ready for him. Both of those classes have some of our other kids (Brianna in the 5's and James and Micah in the 3-4's), and adding Wesley to the mix doesn't seem a good choice. So... though it may not be the "most appropriate" place for him... it IS somewhere that he can stay with someone that knows him well and is completely comfortable with him, and I can GO TO CHURCH! :) ALL of it! At least that's the hope and plan... Sunday afternoon we had my brother, his wife, and my sister over and the men went out and worked on our screen enclosure. Erin and I hung out with the kids until dinner time, when my sister joined us and we all had pizza together. I think one more long afternoon and the re-screening will be finished! YAY! Today was back in the daily grind, however we had a nice low-key day. Tomorrow the kids that are home on Mondays all head back to school and I have a FREE morning! If I'm not mistaken, this ENTIRE week holds no doctor's appointments and no obligations aside from the regular school schedule. In fact, Friday the kids are all off of school even. YAY! I'm already enjoying the beginning of a nice relaxing week!

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