Monday, October 10, 2011


Kids sleep in the most peculiar positions...

And Lynae? She went to bed with just a pillow and helped herself to the babies after we left :)


  1. why don't any of your kids use blankets??

  2. Too funny! I'm just curious, what is the brace for that Wesley(?) is wearing while he sleeps?


  3. They don't wear blankets bc its HOT here still! But even in the wi.get aeveral if them are active sleepers and won't keep a blanket on. Emma chews on blankets until she chokes! But right now we don't need blankets yet. :)

    Wesley sleeps in a brace to keep his legs apart a little since his surgery to help him not to regress with the tightness. He used to be completely crossed so its made a huge difference for him. :)