Saturday, October 29, 2011


Two weeks ago James went to a specialist and they put him on an antibiotic because he seemed to have a sinus infection coming on.  Monday Brianna went to the pediatrician and was tested for strep, but was negative.  She was put on antibiotics anyway and felt better the next day.  Micah started antibiotics Tuesday.  Friday, Emma, Aleksa, Wesley, and Lynae were tested for strep and all were positive.  My parents had been sick around the same time as James and tested negative for strep.  Today I went to the doctor and tested negative for strep.

Do we seriously have two different things going through our house that are both bacterial, or do the rapid strep tests really not work that well???

I'm now on an antibiotic, but feeling pretty crummy.  Need to feel better by tomorrow night because the kids have been looking forward to our church festival for WEEKS.  Better yet, MICHAEL has been looking forward to it, because he gets to finally use his 25' trebuchet to launch pumpkins across the church campus as he (and his dad and Kris... and possibly a few of my brothers...) competes against another trebuchet team to see who can launch it further!

In fact, he and Kris are there right now and according to his text "may be a while..."  Hmm... now to think up dinner (fast) for the 7 sick kids at home with me right now.  Wishing they could all eat soup.  Wouldn't that be nice? :)


  1. That happened to us at the end of spring. Took my 2 year old in for ear infections and she tested postive for strep. THEN all 6 of my other kids plus me and my husband had a strep- like virus. We kept bringing kids in for a strep test but they were negative, even the 48 hour samples they sent in to the lab plus we did bloodwork for one of the kids just to make sure that the strep wasn't showing up for no reason. What a pain! And so much money wasted...
    Good luck, mama

  2. Wow! Hope you all feel better soon.


  3. Rapid strep test only show up correctly about 70% of the time....we just had all four kids plus my husband (which was worse than all four kids together)get over strep and it was ROUGH!!! Hope you all feel better soon!