Thursday, October 20, 2011

4am Thursday- Our call to Poison Control.

I feel silly now, however at 4am it didn't sound nearly as silly.

I woke up with a startle and turned on the light.

"Mike, look for a bee or wasp.  Something just stung my thumb!"

With that, I looked up.  He, for some reason, looked down.

There, on our BED, was a SCORPION!

Yes, I got stung by a scorpion while I was sleeping.  YIKES!!!!

I remember scorpions have venom... and I don't remember what characterizes good and bad, or whether there really is any such designation, so I pull out the computer and proceed to search for what to do with a scorpion sting.

"Wash thoroughly with soap and water."
"Elevate above the heart."
"Rotate icing 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off."
"Call Poison Control immediately."

Um... really???

Seriously, though it really did hurt like a dickens, I wasn't thinking that this 1" long little bug could pack a punch that would actually cause the amount of damage described in some of the web pages.  That said, it was 4am and there was no one ELSE I was going to call... so I dialed poison control anyway to let THEM tell me what to do.

Thankfully, Floridian scorpions are similar to a wasp or bee sting.  No "neurotoxins" in the breeds that are found here.  Thank goodness!

By about 5am I found my way back to sleep after taking some Benadryl at the poison control person's request.  I have now been dragging all. day. long.  I hate Benadryl!

Tomorrow at 9am our house pest control people will be at the house to re-treat it!!  Apparently, their pesticides need a little boost...


  1. So glad you're okay!!! Scary...

  2. Oh, Meredith! Ew, yuck, scary!!! Glad you're okay! I love Florida, but too many biting/stinging critters for my liking. I'd feel a bit violated if I had a scorpion sting me in bed at 4am!!!