Friday, October 28, 2011


Apparently I haven't been moderating comments and actually posting them.  SORRY!  I just posted comments made on the past few weeks.  

On to today, we are a household of sick people.  One just finished antibiotics, Six are on antibiotics, and if I'd gone to the doctor, I'd be on them too I'm sure.  Eight down, two to go.

Tonight Michael is at the ball field playing one of his last softball games of the season, part of a tournament.  He's enjoying it!  Wish we could go, but four kids were dx'd with strep today, so we're home and hanging out. My mom is coming over (after they're in bed) so I can go to a meeting about an orphan Sunday project at a local church.  Looking forward to that!!   

This weekend is our church's Pumptober Fest (on the 30th, 4-7 if anyone wants to go!) and tomorrow is their "practice launch" for the trebuchets.  (I wonder why spell check doesn't like that word?).  Mike, his dad, and Kristopher built a trebuchet and will take part in the pumpkin launching contest on Sunday.  This is the third year (I think?) and it has always been entertaining.  

Hoping everyone is feeling better after a good 24 hours on antibiotics and that we can have a fun weekend together!  Tomorrow is a day of REST!

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