Thursday, October 20, 2011

CRAZY love.

I've been accused of this.  More times than I can count, probably.  It's the kind of love that holds tribute to Bob the Builder as they say "can we do it?"  "YES WE CAN!"

Better yet, it's the kind of love that Jesus showed us and we try very hard to continue to emulate in His likeness.  Can we do it?  "Not without Him!"

Crazy love is what calls a 25 year old couple with two children to leave them home with their single aunt with the help of grandparents and travel half way around the world to bring home two very sick children.

Crazy love is what brings a family of 7 with a 3 month old baby to offer their home and love and family to a 3 year old orphan with special needs.

Crazy love is what brings a family with 4 disabled children and two others to leave all of their children in the care of grandparents for a second time and, during the holidays and busiest part of the year... the time when families tie together and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas... to go halfway around the world for a second time and bring home a quadriplegic blind child.

Crazy love is what drives a family that's about to have 7 children to complete an entire adoption dossier "just in case" and raise all the money "just in case" a child that they've prayed for for three years is released to be their daughter while they are in a foreign country.

Crazy love is what it looks like when GOD calls the shots, and we listen.  It's when two parents, two individual people called by God to love one another and to BE ONE each listen intently to God's calling on their life (not lives...).

Crazy love is what it looks like to say "YES" separately, then come together and say guess what...  I said YES.  And so did I.  Even when, at that time, one was in Africa and one was at home in the USA.

Crazy love is what it looks like to say YES for all the reasons that don't make sense.  It's because there's a need, that God provided for through YOU.

Crazy love is when things are HARD, but hard is GOOD.

Crazy love is knowing that walking the life of a Christian isn't about being EASY, or COMFORTABLE, or even always about being HAPPY.  BUT... Crazy love knows that DELIGHTING in these things is where the real JOY comes out.

Crazy love... I agree.  I think we have it, and I'm VERY glad to share it...

Do you have CRAZY love?

Hope is Fading – Orphan Sunday from Allan Rosenow on Vimeo.

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