Monday, February 22, 2010

Some random pic’s because I’m TRYING to blog more :)

Kristopher went to the office with Mike, but here’s a few sweetheart shots of the 4 kids at the house right now…


Emma actually looked at me, looked at the camera, and SMILED!! I think that’s the first time she’s smiled just seeing a camera! :)  (ps, thanks Mrs. L for the toy!!)

DSCN7466 DSCN7460 DSCN7470


  1. man your kids are sure growing!! are you coming to meet up with us in tennessee????

  2. How can ONE family have so many cute people in it?? and, your Lynae (sp?) is looking much more like her mama, I think. Emma's smile would light up a room; Micah makes you want to hug him; Brianna looks so adorable, and Lynae is growing so fast and is so pretty. They truly could all win a contest for 'best in category' - each unique, special and so cute! :)