Monday, February 08, 2010


I've been arranging all the paperwork for all the kids today! Trying to get all the names of all their doctors in one place, all their diagnosis, medications (with a 'history' of meds too), last doctors' visits (that part is going to take a while!), addresses and phone #s of all their doctors! Then there's therapists, hospitalizations, tests they've had run (x-rays, swallow study, MRIs), and lab work.

Brianna and Lynae went to the doctor to finally get those immunizations they were supposed to get a month ago.. :) And Brianna was referred to pulmonary :(. She still has a rattley chest a month later. She's been on anti's- strong ones! So now we're talking either asthma or allergies or who knows what. Maybe a settled-in case of bronchitis.

Next will be school. CAN I locate not just the goals (I know where those are!) but the ENTIRE IEP for all 3 kids?? We shall find out...

Maybe-- if I get it all computerized-- I can keep track of it all!? MAYBE!! :)


  1. Mine's not computerized, but I made a medical and a school binder for each child. Alex and Emily's medical binders are huge. :) But I put the most recent stuff in the front, so I can always locate their most recent shot records, etc. It's working well for us. I figure when I need to I'll create second binders and just label then with the appropriate years (or maybe actually *gasp* throw some of it out. LOL).

  2. I have a parent (single dad at that!) that I work with that scans everything so when a new person starts to work with his son he pulls out the flash drive and tell them pull everything onto their computer. He also makes an info document using the alphabet for each thing for his son.
    A- Appetite
    B- Bathing
    Then everyone that works with his son is on the same page!