Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last night Brianna went to bed around 7 along with Emma and Micah. Lynae and Kristopher and I went to the living room to finish up teachers' Valentine gifts. Lynae crashed out on the floor and Kristopher went to bed about 8:15. He and Brianna got in trouble for playing at about 8:30 then all was quiet.

Until 9:30 when Brianna woke up crying. And SHAKING. She reminded me of when I was coming off of having the spinal done for the C-section and just felt like I couldn't stop shaking. Anyway, after about 10 minutes of her not really waking up all the way I was ready to call a neighbor and take her to the ER. I wrapped her up in a blanket and just held her for a while. Finally I set her on her feet and got her to walk a few steps to me and to give me 5 with each hand to know she was doing ok. Finally, right after that, she threw up.

I don't think I've ever been more relieved to have my kid puke!

At least, then, there was a reason for her to be feeling so cruddy. She laid with me for a while longer and by about 11 I put her back to bed and laid on the floor. She went into a restless sleep, needing reassurance that I was nearby, but at least she was feeling better and able to sleep. Around that time Lynae wanted to eat so Mike and I traded off and in just a little bit she was out enough for him to leave. She woke back up at about 1am with her heart racing just a little. As she calmed her HR did too and she was at about 120 when she had calmed down quite a bit.

Nothing like an eventful night to have you wake up-- tired!

This morning I got K, E, and L out the door and off to school and left Mike sleeping, Micah playing in his crib, and B drifting in and out of sleep still. After dropping the two older kids off to school I turned back around and came to pick up our neighbors who were supposed to ride to school with Mike. He decided to take a sick day since he'd been up with Brianna and had worked WAY too many hours already this week. Oh, yeah, and he can't talk. So I did his school run then made it back home.

Brianna got up just before 9am and was HAPPY and PLAYING. She wasn't interested in breakfast, but did eat lunch a little bit ago. She played fine all day and you'd never know she had a rough night and not felt good yesterday.

Hopefully the rest of the day will go well and she'll be fine!

Mike and I have our next MAPP class tonight and even though he has no voice he is planning to go-- we can't miss any classes and still complete the program. We hate to leave Brianna, though, if she's not feeling well!


  1. Meredith,
    Not to throw out something to concern you but is it possible that B was having a seizure?
    Our daughter had several seizures before I realized what was going on. The first couple were minor but the throwing up just resonated with me.
    Just a thought but so glad she is feeling better. Sorry for the long night praying for better sleep tonight!

  2. Seizure is what came to my mind too. Maybe call the ped? She will be in my prayers. HUGS to you both

  3. It actually sounds like when my kids have night terrors. It tends to happen when kids are younger and whatever it is that is responsible for making you paralyzed while you sleep is immature. There are many different states of consciousness between sleep and being fully awake. I always say it's like the lights are on but no one's home, they act like they're awake but they're not. They often shake really hard too, I think because they are fighting the effects of whatever is trying to paralyze them in their sleep. It usually happens about an after falling asleep and they never remember it in the morning. Maybe her illness triggered it? My kids have mostly outgrown it, but still sleep walk on occasion. The first few times it scared me to death! By the time the second one started doing it, I didn't think much of it and forgot to tell my grandma when he spent the night. She was convinced he had a seizure and watched him all night - did I feel bad! Hope that's all it was and she's feeling better!

  4. Or maybe something just didn't settle well with her and she needed a good puke! My kids do the same thing sometimes and a good puke makes it all better. The body doing what it does best, getting rid of the yukky stuff! Hope she is feeling better now!

  5. Hi
    hope you're all Ok
    I have been following your blog for more than two years and miss my regular readings about your lovely family