Friday, February 05, 2010

So much to say

and NO TIME! :)

  • We have a visitor for a few days, a 15 yr old young man since Tuesday. Heading out today or tomorrow. But it has just been a little busier than usual!
  • We did our medicals for our homestudy yesterday (and the dr thinks I broke my thumb but said it's probably ok- go back if it still is numb in another 2 weeks).
  • We've got 3 of our MAPP (adoption) classes down and 7 more to go!
  • The kids are all happy and healthy and so am I!
  • Baby shower tonight, birthday parties tomorrow, and sometime some sleep...
  • Mike crashed the server at work on Tuesday night and ended up working until 1am that night then getting up early and staying at work until 4am on Thursday morning! So we've all had an interesting week :)
  • I think everything's ready to send off to finalize our homestudy and be DONE! Just pending background checks coming back.
  • I found my camera! Now I need to find TIME to take and post pictures :)

1 comment:

  1. Damn...I'm tired for you! Have been wondering how the adoption stuff has been going. Missin ROA. Missin all my pals!

    HUG everyone tight for me!...and how about putting a newer pic that includes the new punkin on your blog?