Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A nice long weekend!

It was a nice long weekend here, and now we're back to the daily grind.

I plan to make a little more time to record our daily doings but real life has taken priority!

Today is Micah's IEP to figure out what the best route is for him to get him back in school. He's been out since January 7th and aside from a runny nose he has been HEALTHY and HAPPY. Now let's see if we can get him back into school!

I'm also supposed to bring my car in today but not sure if that's going to happen. The big van is supposed to get its new bumper and spare assembly. I'm thinking I may push it off to next week because I'm not sure I'll be able to get it to them today and still get to Micah's IEP very easily.

Tomorrow I'll be spending the morning at the social security office getting the kids "marked as disabled". This is mostly so that in the future they will have that already designated, but if we will qualify now for Medicaid we will be getting them on that as well. At the moment we cannot do any private therapies because of the way our insurance is laid out and that would REALLY benefit them. Emma needs PT and Micah feeding therapy outside of school's activities.

Tonight we're having Brianna and Micah's teacher and Emma's teacher and husband over for dinner. We've been trying to for a few weeks but I had a visitor the week we were going to do it and then Mike ended up sick. So we're finally ready to try again!

We're still trucking on in our adoption classes on Thursday nights. This Friday is Emma's birthday and we'll have family over to celebrate. Next Wednesday is Kristopher's birthday and we'll celebrate on Tuesday night. Next week we're also getting a new AC system installed. Next Friday is Micah's tonsil surgery and at least an overnight at the hospital.

In the midst of that we also have Kristopher and Emma's annual physicals on Tuesday next week and Micah goes to pre-op with the ENT next Wednesday.

In the last 2 weeks we transformed our office and it now has the toys and books for the kids that were in our guest room before as well as ALL of the kids' clothes! One wall is just one long clothes rack with all the dressers under it. It is working great and I'm so glad to have it all in one place-- and somewhere that I can get to it even after the kids are in bed (not a bedroom).

We also finally replaced our gate that goes across the kitchen. It broke in one place about a year ago but about 2 weeks ago broke somewhere that caused the entire thingto not line up right very easily. The new gate doesn't go straight across but comes into the family room some. It's MUCH more sturdy and hopefully will hold up well though. It's also portable if we needed to use it in other areas at times though we have it installed securely to the wall at its "most permanent" spot.

Off to the daily grind again :) I'm headed to the shower then dishes, laundry, picking up the house a bit, IEP meeting.... long day ahead but looking forward to it!!

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  1. the more kids you have the busyer you get. shouldnt it be the other way around? the more kids you have the less you have to do because they pitch in? but alas I suppose preschoolers arent going to drive themselves to the doctor lol. we have eye doctor today.