Thursday, November 05, 2009

Whew, what a week!

It's been a bit busy around here! Just little things popping up here and there but wow, it's been nonstop!

Yesterday when I brought the kids to school it was picture re-take day and I offered to get the kids' slips for the preschool rooms. Little did I know this 3 minute task would keep me at school more than forty minutes! LOL. It was fine, though. Thankfully though I had things to do, I don't have a time frame of appointments usually during the day.

After leaving the school I went to the mall right down the road only to realize they don't open for another 90 minutes. I came home then and answered emails and worked on some quick projects at the house then went up to the church to eat with Mike. I left the church at 1:15 and managed to go to the post office, bank, and JCPenny's all before getting to the elementary school by 2:05. Then we went by a friend's house to drop off some pants for their boys and to my parents' house to pick up some pumpkin she boiled down for us, and our last stop was a friend from church to drop off a gift. Whew!

We came home finally and by the time Mike made it home we were still in 'after school' mode. We had some leftovers that we ate and headed to bed.

Today Mike brought the kids to school so I could get started on things around here. I did laundry and dishes and answered emails and although the morning wasn't packed full... it was still not just downtime. Around 1:30 I took the last load out of the dryer then went out the door to get to the school by 2:05.

We decided to go visit Mike for a minute then drove down to where Emma has therapy. Her PT came out and got her and we headed home for about 20 min before turning around and going back to get Emma. Just enough time to get everyone in the house, change diapers, and nurse the baby then back in the car!

When we got home from PT we didn't come inside but instead dumped a bag of small toys that are in the garage into the grass and the 4 kids played with that while I cleaned the trash out of my car and vacuumed it out. I feel MUCH better when my car isn't littered with pretzels, tissues, and gatorade bottles! :)

I knew it would be a busy afternoon and sent a coupon for a free pizza that we'd been given with Mike to work. He got home about 45 min after we went inside with a nice hot steamy pizza! We actually FINISHED a large pizza! Kristopher ate TWO big pieces, I had two, Emma had one, and Mike had three. Wow, not too long from now (hopefully!!) Micah will be eating and we'll be on to more than one pizza at a sitting! Oh, and Brianna ate a little bit of my piece then went on to other things. She at least tries pizza!

Tomorrow morning is Kristopher's award ceremony first thing and my parents are watching Micah and Brianna while we go to that. Then I'll bring them home for the day and at 1:30 is Emma's award ceremony! Mike's parents will watch the preschoolers for that one.

So, we're just making our way through the busy days! My house has been getting all my spare time and yet... it's not noticeable! LOL Somehow the dishes continue to undo themselves, the laundry pile never goes away, and the table is dirty just a few hours after I cleaned it. The stack of mail and school work that I just cleared off of the dining room table magically reappears day after day after day and the trash cans don't stay empty. No matter what I do the diaper pail is always full in just a day or two and the sheets need changing and towels washing so quickly... I'm sure you can relate :) I'm not a picky cleaner... I don't mind when things aren't sparkling. I admit to the public that I have 5 kids and I don't mind the house looking like it! But I still try to at least stay afloat of the big stuff that needs to be done, and that is making me tired.

(or maybe I'm tired because there's a sweet little girl that likes to smile at me every 2 hours all night long...)


  1. wow, I'm impressed you're able to sit down to type all that. Busy week!

  2. I also have a question with Micah's eating. Are you just waiting for him to be ready for food or is there something(surgery?) that needs to be done first?

    Just curious, I apologize if I'm prying too much.

  3. wow girl.. you make me so tired reading what you do in one day!! are you sure you arent wonder woman???