Monday, November 23, 2009

Packing to go!

I've spent the last two days wiping noses, wiping butts (the great side effects of antibiotics), de-junking the house, and as I go along... packing!

We really are going, though there's been several brief pauses to say "should we really go" with the family we're going to visit with, we really ARE going. Which means I really do have to pack up clothes, food, snacks, and gear for all 7 of us (ok, Mike can do his own clothes...) and we're hitting the road on Wednesday morning to go stay the weekend with friends. And yes, they, too, must be nuts to be having the 7 of us come up on a holiday weekend and join their family.

The bags of groceries (for Thanksgiving dinner!) are by the door and my children keep snatching the bag of marshmallows out of the top of one thinking they might be allowed to snack on those. Um... no. I found the bin in my closet with warm accessories in it and bout $1 hats at Target. Though we were thinking it would be in the 70's... there's a nice cold snap coming through and it's looking more like 50's. Still not cold, but to these Florida kids, it IS!

I just got done wearing out Lynae by dressing her in 4 different outfits trying to make sure the 3-6 month size clothes that I'm going to bring along won't completely swallow her whole. They are definitely a bit big still (she'll be ELEVEN weeks on Wednesday, hard to believe isn't it??) but I only have about 4 warm outfits in 0-3 months size so big and warm is better than cold :). She didn't mind the little mini-pageant too much. One of the warm outfits I just tried on her brings back memories :) I bought it for Brianna to wear for her first Birthday. I didn't think Brianna was that tiny as as were in that stage... but now seeing Lynae in the same outfit 9 months earlier... Yes, she was that tiny.

Brianna at her first birthday party with Aunt Elizabeth- wearing the outfit Lynae just tried on.

Off to get some things accomplished. Or at least try :) The kids have been thoroughly enjoying some new activities we have on the porch (one gifted and one loaned to us) and have been happily jumping, climbing, and playing all morning. Not sure how much longer it will last though!


  1. Hope packing goes perfectly!!

  2. Use heavy duty velcro or 3M strips to put the DVD players up?

  3. Wow do you and your sister look alike! :) I hope the rest of your preparations go smoothly.

  4. You guys have a safe trip - and hopefully we will all see you when you get back. Erik is doing GREAT - and I had thought of coming to visit a few times. You know with the busy life now, it's hard to break away and come over. Have a really wonderful Thanksgiving, and God be with you...

    Mark & Missy, and the kids...