Friday, November 20, 2009


Methinks she cried wolf...

Emma was in the school clinic just crying and crying away... During speech she got mad that another little girl was doing the signs and getting the toy and she refused to cooperate and got mad. And cried. And cried. And cried. LOL She's had a runny nose for a while and the ear thermometer showed she was over 101 temp. Unfortunately with her teensy ear canals, they rarely read right. But the teacher sent her to the clinic and they took the temp again and it was somewhere over 100. Mike just brought her home. Happy. Carefree, and right at nap time.

Emma doesn't usually nap. But, if she is "sick" then she will nap!

I took her temp, 99.8. Maybe she's coming down with something. And obviously she was really upset (until Mike got there and calmed her down). But can you get so worked up that you run a low-grade fever? I have no idea, but her body doesn't feel warm just her forehead. I suppose her nose gook could have had her running a low grade temp already and we just hadn't noticed because she didn't feel warm and there was no reason to take her temp until she was uncontrollably screaming! LOL

I guess we'll know after she gets up from nap and I'll take it again. I was just putting M and B down, though, so down she went too. And she was none too happy about that. Her teacher is great and just called to fill in the gaps and let us know the circumstances surrounding her being sent home. I really don't mind them calling us to get her. I'd MUCH rather they call then have her screaming nonstop and just miserable at school. Then again, she won't be playing this game and doing this just because she didn't get her way either! We shall see....

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