Sunday, November 01, 2009

Our Little Dressed Up Sweethearts…

We don’t do trick or treating usually, but we do dress up!    Here are a few pictures of the kids in costume during their storybook parade on Friday!

DSCN6611 DSCN6609 DSCN6610

These are from a few days ago to show the costumes they wore for the church festival.  Micah’s outfit lasted about 5 min… it was hot.   Kristopher wasn’t around when we were taking these, but we’ll have plenty of opportunities to take his picture in his costume since he wears it pretty much every day :) (and I have to mention that Lynae’s t-shirt is a $1 Target buy- isn’t it cute!?)

DSCN6542 DSCN6523 DSCN6525 DSCN6531

The 4 older kids all took a ride on the horses- Emma was the only one that refused to sit on it alone and Mike rode with her :)  There are pictures… but on a friend’s camera because for some reason Mike put the camera in his pocket before trying to get Emma on the horse :) 

Mike, Kristopher, and Grandpa worked for the last 2 weeks building a trebuchet (treb-u-jay) to launch pumpkins with!  Theirs is the furthest one in this picture.  They got 2nd place, the one in the center was built by the church youth team and they won.  Our guys’ broke a piece on the 2nd to last throw and the last one actually went… backward :)


My parents helped us out with the kids, which was WONDERFULLY helpful since they all wanted to get down and play the games and have fun!  My dad held on to Lynae for a rare granddaddy/grandbaby time :)  Here they are watching the horseback rides.


Emma hung with me and she did great doing several of the games like “plinko” where you drop a token and it goes down to get points based on where it lands… and she played in a pool of balls and another pool with ducks and water.  Lots of fun!


These I hadn’t had a chance to post- they’re from Kristopher’s class trip to the pumpkin patch a week ago :)

 Copy of DSCN6521 Copy of DSCN6520


  1. Lynae's the sweetest pumpkin ever!

  2. so fun. L's dedication dress is beautiful as is she.

  3. Too cute! I like your 147 millions t-shirt. Where did you get it?

  4. Hey, hope you are doing good. The kids look great!!! I have a question about one of the angels on the tree this year. We have just changed from domestic to international and I am interested in more info on Anastasiya. Please email me, I can't find your email.

    Robyn (from Nashville-daughter Sarah)

  5. Hi there, Heather gave me your blog. We've talked about adopting for a year or so and are ready to get the process started. I have no idea where to begin. Go out and get a home study, or what. Can you give me some advice? is my email. Thanks, Lacey