Saturday, November 21, 2009

There really was a wolf!

Yesterday I'd not have known she was 'off' once she got home. In her familiar environment left to play and enjoy herself and do as she wished... she was fine! She had a late lunch after her nap and then ate dinner just fine. This morning, though, she didn't eat breakfast for Mike (I went back to sleep for an hour since Lynae didn't sleep well) and when I got up she had four tiny bumps on her face.

You know, those little bumps we saw on August 20th when Emma was brought to the doctor and had Strep (the first time). That was after a rough few days at school. Then, October 8th I blogged again about... Strep.

Go ahead, act surprised.

Emma and Micah both have strep. Brianna and Kristopher went to Sea World with Mike while I went to the ped with the other 3 kids.

They tested E for Strep and the flu. Strep positive, flu negative. Then I asked the nurse if they'd please also test Micah for Strep because if Emma has it... he probably does too! (I'd also mentioned this at check-in that if she was positive I wanted M tested also). The nurse says of COURSE and brings us back to a room again since they'd let us wait out the 10 minute test in the lobby instead of the room where Emma screams constantly. The dr comes in says the nurse already brought me a script for Emma, have a good one and is about to leave. Uh, wait!

I asked her to test Micah. There's no need. Seriously, that was her answer. Yes, there is a need. This is the THIRD time in 3 months that Emma has had Strep and both times Micah has had it too. I bet he does now. No, no need. Can't do it. I held my ground and said he has a runny nose, and I'd like him tested. She left saying they'd need to draw up an appointment for him too (so she can charge me for it). Fine. We wait. Nurse comes back. She asks if the dr swabbed him. Nope. WHY??? Then we weigh him and wait for the dr again. Finally she swabs and leaves (obviously miffed). The nurse comes back in and says that Micah's positive, pick the script for him up at the front. The dr didn't plan to come back in. Stinks when Mom's right and her child has a contagious infection that you didn't want to test for, doesn't it?

Now we have 2 kids on anti's. When they filled the scripts they gave us 250 ml for Emma and 100 for Micah. Emma only needs 150 for her dosage, though. I am VERY tempted to give the other 100 ml to Brianna rather than waiting for Monday to find out that she, too, has Strep.

I think I'll be calling the ped (our regular ped, not this person that happened to be on call from that office) and finding out what I need to do to get the kids tested to find out who's the carrier. Emma has her tonsils and adenoids out already and seems to be the one getting the most sick from it (twice anyway) so I'm guessing it's Micah or Brianna. And I lean toward Micah because he licks EVERYTHING so he's the easiest one to spread it to everyone else all the time. But Brianna sucks her fingers so who knows. Brianna's had her adenoids out already but Micah hasn't had anything done with his tonsils or adenoids.

Anyway, I now have a house full of Strep for the third time in 3 months time and I'm pretty tired of the smell of Summer Breeze. I suppose I should go buy some different scented Lysol to clean the house with this time? Thankfully the weather is now cool enough that we have the house open some and it's not nearly as stuffy with the scent of Lysol as it has been the last two times.

I really don't like Strep! (And of course I feel bad that the kids keep getting sick and that E DOES feel pretty miserable this afternoon because for some reason the doctor's office is like torture and after you've cried for so long and your eyes and nose are all red and swollen you have to feel miserable. It's a requirement.)


  1. Thankfully you stood your ground. Good for you. I'm glad to hear it so many mothers feel threatened or just weaken after so many attempts of them saying no and give up.

    Sorry to hear that she really didn't feel good at all, it is so hard isn't it to really know at times?

    I have a very "willful" almost 18 month old granddaughter living with us. I have a feeling that we will be "pondering" whether or not she is crying wolf at times as she is such a drama queen already. I look at her at times and say "that must have come from the other side of the water, surely your mother wasn't like this". LOL :)

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Are they giving the kids the same meds each time they have strep? If yes You might ask your ped if you can have a different one as sometimes it takes the symptoms but not the strep away also try to have them all swabed after meds are gone to see if they ever really test negative.

  3. I guess Im lucky, last time 2 of mine had it my dr. gave me med for the others. Strep stinks!! It is so contagious, especially with little ones sucking on everything. Ugh, I hope you all are better for Thanksgiving. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  4. other thing to keep in mind is that lots of kids are strep carriers (up to 15%) .... not contagious, not sick, just keep the strep in their throat. But when they get a virus and the throat is swabbed, the culture grows strep (due to a carrier) -- which means nothing. Its the virus making them sick - not the strep. Probably why the pedi doc was resistant to test a well kid ... can lead to unnecessary antibiotics ....

  5. Isn't it really, really, bad, a very serious thing; for anyone with a heart problem, or previous heart surgery to get strep because of Rheumatic fever and endocarditis (sometimes difficult to diagnosis and takes months of treatment to cure and can be fatal)?

    Didn't they used to put children on low dose antiobiotic maintence therapy who had heart surgery to avoid those complications.