Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Remember the auction for the Fledge family I posted about a week or so ago? Mr. Fledge just had open heart surgery and due to their single-income and brand new job they were left with NO income during his recovery time. I was so excited to read this afternoon that over $500 was raised for the family! Wonderful!

I was also surprised to hear that I'd WON something! I don't ever actually win anything! I enter in give-aways on occasion but seriously, I just don't WIN... ever!

I entered what I could in to win a pair of Specs4Us glasses frames for one of the kids. There were two pair donated so that doubled my chances at least! Specs4Us are glasses designed to fit the facial characteristics of a person with Down syndrome. With low- set ears and a flatter nasal bridge, these glasses are adapted to those small differences and don't slip down the kids' noses :).

I've looked at these glasses a few times but without vision insurance I just couldn't swing the cost. They're not expensive by any means... but they are more than I could afford for two kids to wear. I'm so excited to have won these!!

So, which kid gets the Specs4Us? Well... they both do! My parents saw the post on my blog about the auction (as I'm guessing a few others of you linked over because I think I saw another winner that's a local friend of mine!) and also put in to win the Specs4Us. And though neither of us ever win anything-- we both did!

Take a look at the website for Specs4Us if you have a child with Ds that wears glasses! They are really neat!

And take another look at the auction to see if you're one of the winners! If you've never been to that blog before, take a good look around there too :) The T21 traveling afghan is pretty neat!


  1. Good for you!
    We have Specs4Us for Macey and love them. I have had people ask if she is wearing her glasses upside down. I just comment by saying, "No they fit her just right, they were made for her." I hope the kids like them as much as we do. Enjoy!

  2. Congrats. Thanks for reminding me of this. I was a winner too...lol


  3. Wow! Congratulations! Amazing how both you and your parents won!

    I used to wonder why your children weren't wearing specs4us, but thought it wasn't really my business :-) How great that they'll be getting glasses that fit them now! I bet they'll be looking cuter than ever :-)

    (Talking about give aways, I'm hosting one too - for a baby toy made by mothers to sn children...)

  4. It's so special when the Lord blesses us for blessing others.

  5. It's so special when the Lord blesses us for blessing others.

  6. That is wonderful! We love our specs4us too!