Thursday, September 27, 2012

Surgery Day #1

On this morning’s agenda:
James 7:30am Ear tubes and g-tube placement
Micah 8am Ear tubes

This morning the kids’ lunches were already packed.  The carseat and booster were installed for our friends to bring Kris to school and Lynae to the church for KAD.  Backpack ready and waiting.  Clothes out, shoes lined up.  Drinks and meds on the counter ready to go.  Diaper bag and drinks packed for therapy.  Day bags packed for each of the boys and Delaina.  Overnight bag and Delaina’s bed ready to go just in case.  Laundry done.  Dishes very very not done.  And we were off to the hospital by 4:45am.  Fun. Stuff.

Thank you for praying for our boys this morning!  The plan is for them to have their procedures and for us all to go home, however since James is having a g-tube placed, it is possible that he will have to stay the night.  Mike and I and Delaina are all there with the boys and we have two cars to divide and conquer… 

Tomorrow Wesley will be at the hospital at the same dark hour for his procedures.  He’s having Botox and Phenol injections for spasticity and is having his g-tube changed out for a low-profile (mic-key or Mini—not sure!) button.

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