Monday, September 17, 2012

Family Pictures!!

I don’t love our family picture… mostly because I took the time to straighten my hair and then tossed it back so I could dig through a bag in the car on our way… and never took it down again :-/  So, my messy hair kind of does the picture in for me.  But, hey, we have pictures with all 11 of us.  Smiling or not.  Smile

Also, a lot of the kids, the photographer only took 3 pictures.  Four of the kids’ pictures… I don’t love.  But, again, they are pictures!  So, maybe we’ll try again sooner than later, or maybe we’ll try out a different photo studio (we have gone here due to their very reasonable prices and decent quality, but we may have outgrown them now! LOL).

Without further ado…  Family Pictures, September 2012!

For the very first time photographed together, The Cornish Family of Eleven!

family 6

family 2

family 3

family 4family 5

We did their suggested “kids” picture.  And I asked for the kids to be lined up by age (they are staggered, back front by age).  It turned out… ok…

nine kidsnine kids 2nine kids 3

Then, the picture I asked for with all 9 kids!  Because this one really shows their personalities… not just all of them lined up in a row!!


kids fun 2

kids fun 3

kids fun 4

kids fun 5

kids fun 6

kids fun

Individual pictures… tomorrow Smile!!


  1. I love the pictures. Like you said, the non-posed photos really let the kids personality shine thru. One of my favorite pictures of my daughter has her looking away from the camera with her finger up her nose - but she was 18 months so that was typical for her at the stage of life. And I know that someday when she is all grown up that picture will still make me laugh.

    Can't wait to see the individual pics!

  2. Remembering how Emma once was, it still amazes me to see pictures of her up and walking. She is fantastic - as are all your children by the way :-)