Friday, September 21, 2012

This was a week of MONDAYS!

Sometimes a week can go wonderfully and it STILL feels like a week full of Mondays.  Full of days that just don’t quite start or finish the way we thought they could, or should. 

Our weekend (Saturday) started with Kristopher not feeling well and missing a birthday party that night.  Sunday brought another kid possibly sick (though he ended up being fine) and that was also family picture day. 

Then, I got no sleep that night.

Monday I cleaned house alongside our friend who comes to clean.  Then I packed up my 8 little people (Kristopher was at school) and was just about to leave the house when Michael called and said he was heading home, not feeling well.  I asked (begged?) if I could leave him with two kids to make the amount of lifting and moving and maneuvering that I needed to do to get this doctor’s appointment I was headed to to work out.  He agreed… and Wesley and Emma stayed home and had lunch with Dad.  As I left our development my cell phone rang.  Kristopher needed to be picked up from school because he was running a fever (though he was feeling fine Sunday evening and Monday morning except a cough).

I then had to call my sick husband who had JUST left the church and gone home to pack up the two kids I left with him and go BACK to the church where Kristopher was at school to bring him home too.  Oops…

I ran through McDonald’s because that’s the kind of mom I am on Mondays when I have too much to do and my kids love me for it Smile.  I was almost there when I realized I’d left James’ cup of formula in the fridge!  I called Michael because at this point I’d realized I needed gas to make it all the way to the doctor and I was on the brink of being late before I got started!

Mike agreed to meet me at McDonald’s and I went through the drive-thru and distributed food… and called Mike back and asked him to instead meet me at the gas station because I needed to keep moving!  He dropped off the cup (it was on his way, thankfully) and I pumped gas.  Then we headed out for the 75 minute drive to get to the ENT appointment for James and Micah’s pre-op.  They’re getting ear tubes in next Thursday (pending any changes… it’s not been secured yet!).

So, off I went with 6 kids to the appointment!  We arrived on time, all the kids went to the bathroom then we went in to the office, checked in, then Lynae needed to go to the bathroom again (I love 3 yr olds!) and we all went BACK to the bathroom, then back to the office Smile.  The boys were seen, we headed out to the car, and everyone piled back in the car.  Having a nursing 7 week old along, I fed her before we started the drive home and we got back on the road about 3 1/2 hours after we originally left the house.  Not too awful!

About halfway home that same sweet three year old once again announced her intentions.  We needed another bathroom!  Target wasn’t too far away, so we headed that direction and prayed she could hold it!  Then, I started praying that the weather would hold until I got all six kids INSIDE the store!  It was about to dump rain. We made it inside!  And everyone once again toileted, and on a whim I called Michael and asked him for our grocery shopping list so I could pick it up since I was already in the store.  Shopping proceeded (Delaina in the stroller, Micah and James walking beside it on either side, and Brianna, Aleksa, and Lynae following and sometimes holding hands 3-across so no one else could walk down any aisles Winking smile ).

When we walked out of Target the parking lot was a mess of WET, but the sky was DRY!  We missed the downpour!  God is good Smile.  Then I decided to treat myself to a milkshake from Chick-fil-a for my good behavior with 6 kids in tow for the past 4 1/2 hours! LOL  (the kids had lollipops and stickers for their good behavior already!)   While I was still in the Target parking lot getting my drink, the Heavens opened again, and it poured.  I’m so glad we weren’t walking in that!!

We made it home just in time to make dinner and send Michael off to bed.  Poor guy really was SICK.  But my two that had stayed home with him were happy to entertain themselves after lunch and each had a room to themselves to play in while Mike just kept tabs.  Kristopher was hanging out with his video game in another room too.  It worked for all involved!

Then, I got no sleep that night.

Tuesday was Monday #2.  Kris home sick, an array of mishaps and oddities, but nothing major.  A LONG day because Michael doesn’t come home from work on Tuesdays and goes straight to a men’s church group. Kristopher was home so no pick-up there, and the kids skipped karate since Kristopher wasn’t feeling well (and Brianna wasn’t wanting to go the week prior, not sure why still…).

Then, I got no sleep that night.

Wednesday was Monday #3.  Long day.  Tiring day.  Kristopher was still home which throws off our home routine, but that’s all right.  Micah had a bit of an upset tummy which may be part of what the men were passing around.  Youth group in the evening meant that we had dinner then Mike left with Brianna (since Kris didn’t go to school- no youth either!).

Then, I got no sleep that night.

Thursday was the 4th Monday of the week.  I slept in by about 30 minutes, but had gotten up on time to get Mike out the door with Kris and Lynae since she had KAD this morning at church too.  Then I got the other 7 up, dressed, fed, shoes on, hair done, glasses on, teeth brushed, diapered or toileted, lunch packed, and out the door by 9:40 to head to therapy.  It was actually a rather impressive morning if I can say that of myself! Smile LOL.  Nothing actually went wrong ALL. DAY. 

It was just a BUSY and LONG day.  And the no sleep thing kinda gets to ya after a while! LOL  All six of the kids had therapies of one kind or another today.  Aleksa had PT, Emma had PT and OT, Wesley had PT, Brianna had OT, James had OT, and Micah had OT.  Then, we packed up and went to the church where we ate lunch with Michael and Lynae at 1.  Mike kept the kids after lunch for me to run to a doctor’s appointment and Kristopher got out of school just as I got back to the church.  Then I loaded up the 9 littles and headed home.  We got in and settled just in time for our speech therapist to come, and Brianna, Aleksa, and Micah (with Lynae’s help—she feels left out of therapies and “helps” with Micah or James’ therapy sessions for speech!) all had speech.

Mike brought home subs.  Because somewhere between not sleeping, having sick kids, having a sick husband, evening activities, daytime activities, and breathing… I didn’t make dinner tonight.  And I don’t even feel badly about that Smile

Now it’s Friday.  I think we all deserve a Friday! Smile  Kristopher and Lynae are off to their first DENTIST visit… and I have a fun visit with a friend around lunch time!


  1. I wanted to share with you something that might makes some of your days a little easier. We have a baby bjorn little potty that we put under our van seat. If one of our small children need to use it I don't have to find a store with a bathroom and then take everybody in with me. It's also really great if you are someplace with a questionably clean bathroom. I just keep some clorox wipes next to the seat and dump the urine out and then use a wipe to clean up the excess. Hope it helps you some :)

  2. wow what a week! Hope everyone feels better!