Sunday, September 09, 2012

Happy Birthday Lynae!

A very happy third birthday to our sweet Lynae!

This little girl has compassion beyond her years and the ability to not see what others see.  To her, her siblings aren’t disabled or different, they’re just her brothers and sisters!

Today became a stay-home morning when we woke up to find four kids with runny noses.  We also found one child that had pooped in her diaper and attempted to ‘clean up’ herself, thus resulting in one HUGE, SMELLY mess.  Five other kids added to the stink this morning, so we are airing out the house before the thunder storms start!
The agenda holds a need for running shoes for Kristopher, a shower for me, and possibly Michael mowing the lawn… if our lawnmower that has been ignored for years actually works still and if it can get done before it starts pouring!
On a positive note, our children all look adorable in their church clothes this morning since it wasn’t until breakfast that we realized how many of them were sporting their runny noses, and Brianna’s eye is swollen (looks like a stye, likely from the new bath soap since Micah had one a few weeks ago as well).  When we need to bring six kids in to the church service with us, we often decide to have a “sit it out” week.  Thankfully it doesn’t happen nearly as much since most of the kids aren’t in school now!  Lynae brought this one home and spread it around, but such is life… Now if we make it out of the house between raindrops, at least the kids will all be dressed nicely, right? Smile


  1. She is just precious and looks a lot like Momma! Cannot believe she is 3!

  2. thanking God for the safe arrival of your precious baby.

  3. Funny story...I was sitting in church this morning and I wrote the date and then thought someone's birthday is today...someone I know had a child born on 09/09/09...who was that? and then I prayed that God would help me focus on the sermon. Glad to be reminded who it was! ;) Happy birthday Lynae!