Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Wesley update...

Though neither of us got much sleep last night... The night wasn't awful. The nurse was great at responding, which has been a difficulty in past stays, and we were able to stay on you of pain for the most part. Wes slept about an hour at a time from 12-5 then would wake for ten or twenty min, then go back to sleep for an hour then wake up in pain. I scooted him over and got in to the bed with him because he wouldn't let go of my arm and hand unless I told him why and how long (like to use the restroom and plug my phone in). he got maybe 4 hours of sleep but appears to be up for the time being. He also woke up twice trying to throw up, but of course its been over 30 hours since he ate so there's nothing there. We vented his tube, which had just a little air, but he was already resettled by then. Hopefully that will pass when he is able to get some Pedialite at 8. Feeding plan looks like 2 oz Pedialite at 8 then 2 oz Pediasure an hour or two later and progress from there... Hopefully he will tolerate it all well and he can be discharged! He has also been running a low grade fever consistently since surgery. 99/100... And sweating like he's running laps while I have a sweater on next to him. Not sure what that's about... Thanks for your continued prayers!

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