Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mid morning update on Wesley

We started the day with him throwing p but father bing cleaned up, he smiled a bit, so that must have been necessary! His fever also went away after that! We then were waiting on feeds to start. First feed of 2 oz Pedialite went well! Now on second feed of 2 oz Pediasure. Then we wait on the nutritionist to make up a feeding plan, and for the home health company to deliver a pump. GI will be making rounds shortly and hopefully will give us the go ahead for discharge when those are complete. Not sure if they'll want to do a full feed (at lunch maybe?) or whether these trials are enough for us to go home. I'm thinking there's a teaching component that I'm supposed to show that I can do the entire feed alone start to finish, but... This isn't new to me ;). So we will just see if they bring it up or not! :) Wesley isn't in great spirits, but he's doing ok. He nt several hours (5?) on one dose of morphine, but will be changed to Tylenol w codeine now that he's on feeds. Not sure if they'll want to wait to make sure that it takes care of his pain management as well before discharge, which would mean several more hours as well. Not that I'm in a HUGE rush to get home, I just don't like to be in the hospital longer than necessary and I'm sure Wesley feels the same way! :)

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  1. Hope you all are at home and recovering well! :)