Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wesley's surgery

Wesley did well. Botox and phenol injections were easy as expected. The doctor came out to let me know just a few minutes ago. Phenol takes effect immediately, so he can't be stretched at all for 3 days to avoid over stretching and make sure the muscle doesn't tear. Botox takes a little time to kick in but will start taking effect around then. The GI came out and said that the peg tube (feeding tube) went in well, no issues. His stomach still looks irritated, so they also rebiopsied for H. Pylori as well. If it is still positive they'll retreat with a different set of antibiotics. Our GI also commented that it was really neat to watch the Physical Rehab doctor do the Phenol injections! She used a device to find the nerve stream and block it then check it. Pretty cool... I wondered how they did that... Other than that, Wesley is in recovery now, hopefully will wake up and they'll bring me back in the next 20 min or so. He can't eat anything today, and tomorrow will start with Pedialite and then Pediasure. They'll set him up with a pump and nutritionist will set up a feeding plan for him to go home. Hoping to be home by early afternoon tomorrow if all goes well! Thank you all for praying and for your continued prayers!

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  1. Praying Wesley recovers well, and starts into a more enjoyable life with not having to push foods/fluids.