Monday, May 07, 2012

And the week begins

I admit, I've been counting down the days until the end of the school year!!  There are THREE WEEKS left, and though I don't dislike school, I LOVE summer!  Our kid's pools are out and ready to be filled with water (the water only lasts a week or so so we fill them as we are going to use them).  The pool is ready for swimming, the screens around the pool are ALMOST all finished being repaired, and there's a bunch of little people in our house that are excited about jumping in those water holes and making a splash!

Though we'll likely be in the pool this week and not wait for school to be out, we have a busy week this week as well.  Starting off with today to get the house in order, tomorrow James has a pulmonology appointment and Wesley has a neurology appointment.  Then Wednesday Wesley will go in for surgery including a g-tube placement, Botox injections, and Phenol nerve block injections.  He and I will spend about 36 hours in the hospital and hopefully be home by Thursday night as long as all goes as planned!

Thursday is Brianna and Lynae's last day of Kids' Adventure Days at our church!  This has been a great program for both of them this year and we are thankful that the girls are able to take part in this program :).  They have a closing program on Thursday evening which I'm *hoping* we will all be able to attend and watch them sing and dance.

Friday should be nice and low-key, with a church softball league game in the evening.

It's hard to believe it's already a week in to May when it seems like yesterday was February...  But, it's coming quickly!

Our home addition/renovations are coming along well too!  The outside structure is built and most of the framing work is done throughout the two bedrooms and new bathroom.  The concrete has been drilled out for the shower to slope down to the drain, and the "trenches" have been drilled up to put the plumbing in.  I *think* the new plumbing may even be laid (which would explain the horrible smell that evacuated us from our house on Friday when they were sealing off all the fittings) but I haven't been out to look at it since they finished that day due to the smell.

This week they will have the plumbing inspected then will pour the concrete to fill in the holes and I believe to shape the shower as well.  They were actually a day or so AHEAD of schedule last week, which is encouraging that the 9ish week prediction of time from start to finish *could* be attained.  But, this is construction, and we realize the likelihood of that really working is slim :).

Prayers are appreciated for Wesley's surgery on Wednesday and for the family as well.  Mike does great flying solo, but it's still a difficult task.  I'm not really looking forward to an overnight at the hospital at 6 months pregnant either, but I'm glad Wesley has the opportunity to have this done to improve his life!!

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  1. You should post pictures of your house, I'd love to see it. Especially the pools, I'm trying to picture them. You said water lasts about a week, ours only lasts a day before it is too dirty.