Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's been a busy crazy week!

But it's been a lot of fun! And... SCHOOL is OVER!! :) :)  SUMMER is HERE!

Sunday Mike and Kris went to church for a LONG day while Michael was helping teach a class, so the kiddos and I hung at home and enjoyed our first POOL DAY!
We started the school week with a post-op for Wesley's g-tube on Monday and a good bill of health there.
Tuesday was Karate for Kristopher and Brianna.
Wednesday I made one last Sam's trip before summer break!
Thursday was a long day at home catching up on some missed schooling from Wednesday then an evening in the pool for ALL of the kids (and Michael).
Friday was Preschool graduation for James and Micah, a trip out of town to look at tile and carpet for the areas under construction, and in the evening Michael had softball so it was Me+8 for the night our last day of school.  That resulted in a movie rental, popcorn and M&M's for all the kids while I sat on the couch and tried my hardest to make it through since I'd already promised a movie night even though I had a migraine!

And here... are the pictures that I've been SO bad about posting on the blog lately! (Though if you're on FaceBook, I have been uploading there as we go... sorry!)

Sunday's Playday in the Pools!

(Brianna)                                            (James)

 Emma and James having some "time away" from the pools while they worked out their difficulties :)

Micah, looking for trouble!

 Aleksa, letting the water SPLASH her! A big accomplishment there!

And the peanut, Lynae, posing for the camera

This is how Wesley spent the morning, because we didn't have anything for him to use to sit/lay in the kiddie pools :(.  He did enjoy the fan though!

And with that, we figured out how to purchase him a seat that he can (hopefully) use for a long time!  It is a hollow bath seat that the bottom fills with water.  Purchased on for just under $150... it is an expensive little chair, but the JOY in his face when he got to be IN the pool with the kids---
worth EVERY. PENNY.  This is Thursday night in the pool...
(Lynae, Aleksa, Micah, Emma, Brianna, Wesley)

(James, Micah, Lynae, Emma, Wesley)

(James...    ...Micah)

The "contraption" Wesley is in here we bought earlier, but this was his first time in it!  It's called a Head Float and is made for kids like Wes that don't have upper body support.  He LOVED it as you can tell in the second picture.  TOTAL MOVEMENT is allowed when he's in there!  He was flapping and just LAUGHING.  A great workout!  

Big-stuff Kristopher :).  I can see him looking at me the very same way when he's 16 (he's 8 now...)  :)

 One VERY HAPPY little Wesley!

And last, Friday's Preschool Graduation!

(Micah)                                                  (James)


  1. They look they are having a fun summer already. So glad that Wesley could join in!!!
    Holly Arnold:)

  2. They all look like they are getting so big. I loved seeing the pictures. They are precious.

  3. That thing you bought for Wes to sit in when he gets in the pool is neat and he sure does like it. Great way to be with his siblings when in the pool. You amaze me on how good you do with all those children of yours.You and Michael are exellent parents to all of those children. How lucky they are. God Bless!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE :) I have to get Jeremiah one of those chairs :)