Monday, May 21, 2012

Annikah's brain surgry is tomorrow

I'll back up a second first... This isn't my child :). This is the beautiful Bulgarian princess that Shelley and Robert Bedford adopted in December and I had the privilege of going with Shelley to bring home. This is the child who, upon learning that she had the disease that constricts blood vessels in the brain called Moya Moya, they were told she would need immediate surgery... Then they were told the she didn't necessarily need surgery at all... Then they got a second (and 6th and 7th!) opinion through their neuro surgeon conferencing with a bunch of adult and pediatric surgeons that deal with this condition at all stages of life and... Once again... They re recommended to go ahead and do surgery ASAP so that the risk of stroke or seizure was taken care of. God has already done miracles by allowing Annikah the compensation that her body has done to keep her healthy up to this point, however medical intervention is now recommended and the Bedford family is stepping forward in faith knowing that God is in control and believing tha His will is their heart's desire... To see their beautiful daughter lead a long and healthy life! Please be in prayer for Annikah and for Shelley and Robert along with the 6 siblings that Robert is holding down the fort with for the week. Annikah's first surgery is Tuesday, followed in a month by a second surgery on the other side of the brain.

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