Monday, May 28, 2012

Random pictures from the last few weeks…


This gentle giant’s name was Shaman, and Wesley rode him (being held by Michael, also riding) using a bareback saddle.  As you can see, they understood each other Smile  Shaman had to be put down last week, but these pictures are an awesome representation of how a 3rd place Kentucky Derby winner and a little 7 yr old former-orphan boy who has quadriplegic CP can share a sweet, sweet bond!






  1. So sweet!Love all pictures and all kids are so adorable!

  2. Equitherapy is such a valuable experience you're giving your kids! I volunteered for several years and my mom even became an instructor. I LOVED working with all the kids (and some adults) who came to ride. The freedom, pride, and sense of accomplishment that riding gives the kids is so rewarding! And then there's the "miracles" that therapy can sometimes bring.

    I had the honor of working with a 15 year old quadriplegic CP boy for over a year. Before therapy he had never spoken a word and his body was tight and stiff with muscle spasms. Throughout the time that he rode (beginning around age 10) his motor skills grew, his muscles loosened, and for the first time in his life, he spoke! Each week a new word would float from his mouth and his face would beam with pride. Then, to top it all off, his strength and coordination grew so much that he wanted to walk for the first time in his life. His mom was skeptical, but he nodded and pointed up that ramp. He WANTED to try. He held on tight to those rails, we walked along side of him as he slowly put one foot in front of the other on his way up the ramp. His goal? To walk to his horse all by himself. And boy did he do it!!!. Tears flowed down his moms cheeks as she watched her small 15 year old boy take his first steps all on his own. I think that he and that horse had such an incredible bond that he wanted to show his horse that he could do it. And he did! I'm pretty sure his horse was thinking "Thatta BOY! I knew you could do it".

    I can't wait to see more pictures of your kids enjoying the horses!

  3. Good morning from Maryland! I check in on your blog from time to time, but today felt the need to comment because this post touched my heart. I volunteer with Maryland Therapeutic Riding and I have seen first-hand the bonds between the horses and their riders and the strides the riders make after starting hippotherapy. May God bless you and yours :)

    1. My dad has volunteered at the Therapeutic Riding Center near Columbia, MD for over 10 years now and he loves it. He usually takes care of the horses since he works in DC full time and I have a 13 yo brother at home too, but every once in a while he gets to work with the kids and loves it :)

      Hippotherapy is excellent for CP, etc, it has also been shown to be a great help for people with TBI (FOTF has a great show about a woman that has a horse rescue for this purpose).

      The kids look like they had a blast!